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customized business brand images and video FOR YOUR ONLINE PRESENCE & MARKETING MATERIALS

Make your BUSINESS be seen.

Do you struggle with finding meaningful photos that are true to your brand? Are you tired of using poor quality photos, or searching for fake, stock images to match your sales copy? Do you want your followers and customers to resonate and relate with unique images? Enter the BizScene, where we strategize with entrepreneurs and small business owners to create real-life, story-based images to help convert followers into customers. 

of your business for content marketing and social media.

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Get real-world, story-based photos and video 

I'm owner of Trailing Twine Photography LLC, the mastermind behind my BizScene brand. BizScene was generated from seeing the need for authentic images for businesses and personal brands. My struggle for getting images *OF* my own service is real. If only I could clone myself so I could get images of me organizing a timeline with a client. Or photographic evidence of how much my clients enjoy collaborating and brainstorming with me. Nothing speaks better than actions, and when actions are photographed, it's more proof for your audience. 



Do you have social media and website images that convey the true essence of your service or product, while helping your customers make the decision to hire you? According to a study by MIT, it only takes 13 milliseconds for the human brain to understand images before making a decision. 


You're an established business, entrepreneur, or personal brand who wants to grow!
You need to grow your online presence, and need to see more engagement with your social media. 
You want your business services to be relevant to millenials and future generations.
You want to see more response to your social media images. 

You want your business to grow.

You need a different kind of photography.

You’re NOT looking for traditional commercial photography nor corporate headshots. 
You need candid, unstaged photography and video of your business services.
You want a photographer to provide images that correspond with your message. 
You need digital images to match your marketing messages. 
You want your photographer to analyze and truly understand your brand. 

You need new visual content.

You're launching a new service or product and need images that portray it.
You need photos and videos of YOUR happy customers. 
You're re-designing your website, brochures, or marketing material. 
You want your social media to be a mix of professional images intertwined with cell phone images.
Finding meaningful photos for your social media and marketing materials is a struggle. 


 - initial virtual consultation via Skype, Facetime, or Google Hangouts
- brand analysis from what I research based on your business' current online presence AND from the consultation
- confirmation of image style or image processing 
- pre-planned "scenes" or "stories" - true, candid photo/video of something that's happening in your business
- delivery of digital images within 1 week
- anytime access: online gallery or "library" of all images formatted for your preferred social media platforms
- commercial use license for digital images

Example Scene:

You're an luxury event planner, and you want to show behind-the-scenes footage of how meticulous and detailed your event design is. One story example is where we photograph you focused on setting up detailed decor for an event. From our consultation, we determined that the final images be bright, dreamy, feminine. 

BizScene provides you with images of a scene. A scene is a sequence of continuous action, and creates a story. 

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